About us

The Hegpont Ltd. was established in 2003. Even in the very first year the company strengthened, the market positively responded to our efforts, became acquainted with our values and desired goals.

The Hegpont Ltd. wishes to be a significant participant of the Hungarian welding market, first of all in the special areas and also to introduce new technologies and products.

Our goals are

We offer excellent quality and reasonable prices, reliable trading services and high class technical support, based on our 30 years experience in this area, and based on our suppliers' technical support.

We are commited to participate in solving our customers' problems and to find the optimal solution.

For You the optimal solution means the best in quality, productivity and costs. It doesn't mean the quickest, the cheapest, or the latest solution, but considering the different aspects (technology, safety, welding materials, welding equipment, tools, costs, etc.) of the task, to find the best solution, that's what

We offer to You

Our objectives are:

  • to find, import and trade new, excellent quality products in Hungary
  • continuous and fast service of welding materials requested by our customers from our Budapest storage
  • as a specialist (import) of aluminium welding materials to reach a leading dealer position in Hungary
  • to introduce and reach a remarkable market position in Hungary with unalloyed seamless flux core wire of Drahtzug Stein GmbH
  • to be one of the leading dealers of stainless welding materials
  • to introduce the plasma spot welding as a new technology in Hungary and find the possible ways of applying it.
  • to take part in distributing arc brazing
  • to cooperate and to prepare complex offers to solve special welding problems